Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Chocolaterie has replaced Blue’s Chocolates (formerly Chocolatier Blue) on University Ave in Berkeley

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Chocolatier Blue University
The original Chocolatier Blue shop is now Chocolaterie

1964 University Avenue, Berkeley

Berkeley-North DIY Tour

Pretty bonbons

Local Chocolatier Factory StoreChocolaterie (formerly Chocolatier Blue/Blue’s Chocolates) offers some of the prettiest chocolates around with interesting flavors. You can order boxes of bonbons online, but they choose which flavors to include. Visit their shop if you want to select your own.

Chocolatier Blue Inside
Even in a bad photo, you can tell that these are pretty chocolates.

Chocolaterie was originally Chocolatier Blue, which opened in August 2008 at this location. It was started by Chris Blue, when he moved from Utah where he had already been a successful chocolatier. The business changed names in 2016 to Blue’s Chocolates, and in 2021 to Chocolaterie.

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Published 24 March, 2014