Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Chocolatier Blue SF

Chocolatier Blue – SF Market St.–closed

This location closed in 2015.

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Chocolatier Blue SF
Don’t blink or you might miss Chocolatier Blue’s San Francisco outpost.

763 Market Street, San Francisco

Mid-Market San Francisco DIY Tour

Breakfast & Cocktails

UPDATE: 2015. This location is closed

Local Chocolatier Chocolatier Blue offers a large selection of some of the prettiest chocolates around with lots of unique breakfast & cocktail themed pieces. Breakfast-themed pieces include cinnamon roll, coffee & donuts, blueberry pancake, and French toast. Pieces inspired by cocktails include mimosa, sex on the beach, and Bahama mama.

Chocolatier Blue Inside
Even in a bad photo, you can tell that these are pretty chocolates.

Chocolatier Blue has several locations in the Bay Area. The Chocolatier Blue shop on Market in San Francisco has earlier and longer hours than the East Bay shops: It’s open 10-9 everyday.

Other Chocolatier Blue locations in SFBA:

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Published 24 March, 2014