Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Market Hall Foods on 4th – closed

This 2nd location of Market Hall Foods, the East Bay’s version of Bi-Rite Market, offering some local artisan chocolate

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Pasta Shop 4th St
Market Hall Foods on 4th was formerly called Pasta Shop Fine Foods

1786 4th Street, Berkeley

Berkeley-West DIY Tour

UPDATE May 2024: This location has closed.

Gourmet grocery

Retail storeMarket Hall Foods (formerly The Pasta Shop) is the East Bay’s version of Bi-Rite Market. It offers lots of specialty foods including artisan chocolate, and they are a big supporter of local artisan chocolate. Their buyers regularly attend the San Francisco Chocolate Salons and often find new suppliers there. This is their 2nd location.

Local chocolate to look for here:

Market Hall Foods’ other location:

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Published 26 March, 2014