Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Medical m-chocolate


A special ingredient makes for a special chocolate bar

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According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a San Jose medical marijuana collective is offering its patients their cannabis in a gourmet chocolate bar. Chocolate Cartel of New Mexico has developed Bhang Chocolate in 3 flavors: a plain dark, dark with toasted hemp seeds, and Fire Chocolate, made with orange and spices.

There’s no mention of the cannabis chocolate on the company website yet, but they do make a wide range of other fine chocolates. They use El Rey Venezuelan chocolate, which we know is a high quality delicious chocolate, so if you are in the market for gourmet chocolate medical marijuana and live near Holistic Herbal Healers in San Jose, you are in luck.

(Blessed as we are with amazing good health, we probably won’t be reviewing these gourmet chocolate bars.)

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Published May 11, 2011