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Death by chocolate?


A movie about a girl done in down under — sounds like your standard murder mystery. But this one has a chocolate connection.

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According to C21 Media, a chocolate-themed murder mystery will premiere on Australian TV in April 2012.

Australian network UKTV will air a 90-minute feature, Dripping in Chocolate, about a detective and a chocolatier who partner to solve the mystery of a girl found dead outside a chocolate shop.

We don’t have any more details at this point and no clue if it will ever air in America. However, UKTV is part of the BBC worldwide conglomerate, so there is a chance we’ll be able to enjoy Dripping in Chocolate sometime in the future.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 10/26/2011: According to Adelaide Now, Dripping in Chocolate has started filming in Sydney.

UPDATE 4/2/2012: According to TV Tonight (“Australia’s Leading TV Blog”), Dripping in Chocolate premiers April 7 on UKTV in Australia. Starring Louise Lombard (known to American audiences through the CSI franchise) as a local chocolatier, it involves a less than satisfying murder mystery, but supposedly features lots of chocolate making. No info yet on a U.S. air date.

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Published August 9, 2011