Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Heritage Chocolates – closed

Chocolate treats from the kitchen

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UPDATE February 2023: Heritage Chocolates has closed.

Homemade See’s & fun bars

Local ChocolatierHeritage Chocolates was founded in Corralitos in 2017 by the family of Allison Rider, to continue his legacy of homemade chocolate treats. For decades, Allison created chocolates inspired by See’s Candies, which he shared with family and friends. After his passing, his daughter, Ali Dwyer, along with her family started the business using family recipes and creating her own too, like flavored vegan chocolate bars. Another aspect of the business that is shared with her dad’s hobby is that Heritage is a home-based business: They make all of their traditional chocolates, caramels, and bars at their house.

You can order Heritage Chocolates online, or check their website and Facebook page for events where you can meet the makers and buy their chocolates.

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Published 12 April, 2022