Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Oaktown Spice Shop logo

Oaktown Spice Shop – Castro Valley

Pinch of nibs & a dash of cocoa powder, plus some SFBA chocolate

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Oaktown Spice Shop Castro Valley

Castro Valley Marketplace, 3295 Castro Valley Blvd, Castro Valley

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Pinch of nibs & a dash of cocoa powder

Retail storeOaktown Spice Shop, est. in 2011, has 3 SFBA locations, plus an online shop. Co-owner John Beaver learned the spice trade from William Penzey Sr., founder of Penzeys.

Oaktown Spice Shop is primarily known for their extensive array of spices (natch), but do carry some SFBA chocolate, plus some chocolate supplies, such as cacao nibs and 3 types of cocoa powder.

This location opened in 2020.

SFBA chocolate to look for here:

Other locations:

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Published 1 March, 2022