Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area


J Street Chocolate

Bayview chocolate maker emphasizes the fermented side of chocolate with fermented inclusions

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3 JST CHCLT bars

Bayview/Excelsior SF DIY Tour

Fermented inclusions

Local Chocolatierbean to bar

J Street Chocolate, est. 2021 in SF’s Bayview neighborhood, produces single-origin chocolate bars, some flavored with fermented inclusions and food production by-products like sourdough, koji (the fermenting agent in soy sauce), and moromi (soy sauce by-product).

Started by Julia Street, J Street Chocolate is currently available online, at some local retailers (check the website), popups and events around SFBA (sign up for emails on their site or follow on Instagram), and for pickup at the kitchen.

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Published 21 January, 2022