Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Garden Society

Artisan chocolate infused with different cannabis strains to achieve different moods

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Garden Society products

Cloverdale, CA

Local ChocolatierCannabis-infused artisan chocolate

Founded in 2016 under Prop 215, the Compassion Use Act that permitted the sale of medical marijuana, Garden Society offers chocolate edibles that use locally sourced cannabis and fair trade chocolate. It is a women-owned company that focuses on breaking the stigma of marijuana use for women.

garden society dark chocolate
The Spiced Dark Chocolate combines the high caffeine buzz of 80% cacao with a cannabis strain that elevates your mood

Their 3 different chocolates are meant to provide different benefits based on the cannabis strain used in each. Their Brighter Day chocolates which aim to “lighten your mood and lift spirits,” uses dark chocolate made by local bean-to-bar chocolate maker Volo Chocolate in the Mexican style and flavored with cinnamon and chili powder.

Their products are available at marijuana dispensaries only. Visit their website to find the dispensary nearest you.

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If you are curious about chocolate cannabis edibles, the Garden Society website has a blog with some good information for getting started.

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Published 21 January, 2021