Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Sonoma Chocolatiers

All dark chocolate all the time

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Sonoma Chocolatiers

6988 McKinley St., Sebastopol

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For dark chocolate lovers only

Local ChocolatierFactory StoreCafeStarted in 2009 by David Gambill and Susan McCarn, Sonoma Chocolatiers offers a large range (over 140 flavors) of truffles and caramels — but only in dark chocolate. No milk chocolate, no white chocolate, and no ruby versions. They also offer hot chocolate and cocoa drinks, frozen chocolate-pops, and non-cannabis CBD chocolates.

The front of Sonoma Chocolatiers is a tea shop, where you can enjoy all of their chocolate treats, plus pastries, other baked goods, organic teas, and tea drinks.

Sonoma Chocolatiers’ chocolates are available at their store, online, at special events, and at Oliver’s Market, a Sonoma County supermarket chain.

CBTB tip

Sonoma Chocolatiers does not have a menu of their chocolates — too many flavors, and what is offered depends on what’s in season/what their suppliers can get — so take pix of the chocolates in the case so you can figure out what you bought when you try them later.

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Published 19 May, 2019