Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Maison Bouche Absinthe

Maison Bouche

Wide range of unique flavors in French-style chocolate bars

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Maison Bouche bars
A sample of Maison Bouche’s chocolate bars

Oakland, CA

French chocolate experience

Local Chocolatier

Maison Bouche (“Mouth House” in English), established in 2009, is an East Bay chocolatier with a French accent. From the chocolate’s names to the pretty packaging to the quality flavor ingredients blended into superb chocolate, it’s like a little trip to Paris in every bar.

Maison Bouche makes 30–50 different flavored bars in a wide range of flavors. Their website divides bars into categories that include holiday (and seasonal) flavors, spices, flowers, crunches, cocktails, and more. They also sell other confections and postcards of vintage French images.

Their bars are available online and in stores around the country (see their website for exact locations), including Chocolate Covered in SF.  And Maison Bouche has a booth at the Kensington Farmers’ Market, Sundays, 10 am–2 pm, where you can also buy their French-style pastries and other baked goods.

CBTB tip

Maison Bouche bars and other confections make simple, attractive and unusual gifts for chocolate lovers. The flavors sound special, the packaging looks French, and the color combinations of the labels with the colored foil wrappers are very pleasing. The couverture is very good, and the ingredients are all high quality.

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Published 2 December, 2020