Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Company Confections

Oakland proud Company Confections makes a distinctive acorn shaped chocolate

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acorn circle

Temescal & Montclair Farmers Markets

Oakland/Emeryville DIY Tour

Handmade luxury

Local ChocolatierFarmers Market VendorConfectioner iconThat’s the tagline of Company Confections, an Oakland based chocolatier that makes bars, molded chocolates, and other treats. Founded in 2015 by Becky Shank, Company Confections shows their Oakland pride with molded chocolate acorns filled with hazelnut gianduja spiced up with sea salt, coffee, and crunchy feuillitine.

Company Confections are available online, at the Temescal and Montclair farmers markets on alternate Sundays, at occasional popups, and in some local shops. You can also arrange pickup at their kitchen. Visit their website for more info.

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Published 12 January, 2022