Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Casa de Chocolates

A unique selection of Latin-inspired chocolates makes Casa de Chocolates worth repeat visits

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Casa de Chocolates
Casa de Chocolates is full of delicious chocolate and some unique, Latin-American (and Cal Bears) themed chocolate gifts.

2629 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley

Berkeley-East DIY Tour

Latin-American inspired

Opened in 2012, Factory Store Local Chocolatier Casa de Chocolates is unique among our local chocolatiers in that they focus on Latin American flavors and culture. This is the place for you if your palate leans toward mole, passion fruit, guava, chipotle, chile mango, and Tapatio hot sauce. And if you’re not sure, then this is the place to try these tastes in some delicious, high quality chocolate.

They sell bonbons and bars, including mini-bars, which are an easy way to try some of the more unusual flavors without a big dollar commitment. They also sell unique solid chocolates with a Latin American theme, such as Aztec and Mayan calendar discs and hot chocolate skulls. It’s also a good place for unique seasonal gifts, including Day of the Dead bars (skeleton bride & groom bars). (And because the owner is a Cal grad, they sometimes sell chocolate bears.)

The store is an attractive factory store with some seating outside. In addition to Latin American-inspired chocolates, they sell desserts like flan, tres leches cake and Mexican wedding cookies.


If you buy a box of chocolates, save the box and bring it with you next time to get a discount on refilling it.

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Published 23 March, 2014