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Brigadeiro Sprinkles

Creative Brazilian treats

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1999 Broadway, SF

Confectioner iconCreative Brazilian treats

Brigadeiro SprinklesSan Francisco, established in 2017 by Zeila Schappelle, makes brigadeiros, a Brazilian confection, traditionally made with condensed milk and cocoa powder, and rolled in chocolate sprinkles. Brigadeiro Sprinkles goes beyond the expected with some unusual tasting and eye catching brigadeiros, such as their Dulce de Leche, which looked like a blonde coronavirus model.

Brigadeiro SprinklesZeila also makes baked goods such as cookies and cakes with brigadeiro fillings, and other chocolate confections such as chocolate bars and Easter eggs filled with brigadeiro filling.

Brigadeiro Sprinkles has an online store where you can buy premade collections or request specific flavors.

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Published 10 February, 2022