Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Barlovento Logo

Barlovento Chocolates – closed

Barlovento closed in 2021

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Kitchen: 638 2nd St., Oakland

Oakland/Emeryville DIY Tour

Venezuelan cacao

UPDATE March 2021: This business has closed.

Factory Store Local Chocolatier Barlovento Chocolates, founded in 2008 by Peter Brydon, a chocolatier who has been a mentor to a lot of other local chocolatiers. They make truffles, caramels, bars, barks, toffee, hot chocolate mix, molded chocolates, and other confections from Venezuelan cacao harvested in a sub-region called Barlovento.

Barlovento’s kitchen is open weekday afternoons for sales. You can find their bars in some shops around the area. Check their website for more information.


For a truly hot truffle, get the Mayan Hot Chocolate. (It’s the one wrapped in gold in the photo.)

Barlovento Box
A Barlovento box full of flavor explosions.

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Published 22 March, 2014