Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Claudio Corallo/Alegio Chocolaté

Unique chocolate from a tree-to-bar producer

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Claudio Corallo
Alegio’s store in Palo Alto focuses on Claudio Corallo.

522 Bryant Street, Palo Alto

SF Peninsula DIY Tour Stop

Pure chocolate

bean to barChocolate attractionAlegio Chocolaté, which opened in 2006 and had their own line of truffles originally, sells the unique chocolate crafted by Claudio Corallo, for whom they are his only US distributor.

Claudio Corallo is a tree-to-bar maker who maintains more control than anybody we’ve ever heard of before over the entire process, starting from growing the cacao trees on his own plantation on a small island off the coast of west Africa. He even grows most of his flavoring ingredients, such as coffee beans, alcohol and oranges, then processes his chocolate slowly, but minimally.

The results are worth the effort, including a 100% chocolate (0% sugar) bar that isn’t bitter as you would expect, but more savory.

Alegio offers regular chocolate-tasting “tours” of Claudio Corallo chocolate. If you’re into chocolate beyond just enjoying it, they are fun and very educational about a unique chocolatier.


Alegio often offers Groupons for chocolate tastings.

UPDATE 3/2019: Alegio Chocolaté’s other location in Berkeley has closed.

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Published 18 December, 2014