Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Chirping chocolate

There were bugs in my chocolate, and I wasn’t mad about it

Published 18 December, 2021

Sweets extravaganza

When I can travel freely again, a trip to NYC will be high on my list

Published 2 November, 2021

Judgement daze

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere, and I tell you what I think

Published 17 October, 2021

Sugar & spice

Chocolate to warm your heart

Published 16 October, 2021

Heavy competition

So many good finds this time, I can’t complain

Published 24 September, 2021

Top-notch toffee

Plenty of buttery, crunchy, nutty & chocolatey choices this year

Published 23 July, 2021

A real treat

It only took 100 years, but See’s is growing up

Published 10 June, 2021

Sugar spectrum

Valentine’s Day celebrations were curtailed this year, but not the chocolate!

Published 9 March, 2021

Sweet torture

A different meaning to bittersweet chocolate

Published 25 February, 2021