Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

South South Bay

As we continue to expand SFBA, it seems that Santa Cruz down to Carmel belongs to us too. Doesn’t hurt that there are lots of chocolate options there.

Published 27 March, 2014

Wine Country: Sonoma County

If you don’t want to drink and drive through Northern California wine country, switch to chocolate tastings instead

Published 6 March, 2014

Wine Country: Napa Valley

Mix your wine tastings with chocolate tastings as you wind your way up Route 29

Published 6 March, 2014


Published 5 March, 2014

South Bay

South Bay Tour. We’ve checked out some of its artisan chocolate hot spots and look forward to exploring more.

Published 26 February, 2014

San Francisco Peninsula

The SF Peninsula, from Daly City to Mountain View, features lots of fine chocolate options

Published 25 February, 2014

Outer East Bay

Beyond Berkeley and Oakland, the East Bay could use some more SFBA chocolatiers

Published 24 February, 2014


In North Berkeley, there are a couple of chocolatiers and a shop for all you DIY chocolatiers

Published 24 February, 2014


Berkeley-West artisan chocolate options include an award-winning chocolatier and a grocery store

Published 23 February, 2014


Berkeley-East is home to some great chocolate experiences

Published 23 February, 2014